Rigid Lifelines® fall protection Anchor Track™ Systems protect your workers from fall hazards. By utilizing our enclosed rigid track that requires minimal maintenance, our systems provide superior performance indoors or outdoors regardless of weather or working conditions. All Rigid Lifelines’ fall protection Anchor Track systems meet or exceed the current OSHA and ANSI fall protection standards.

Permanent Overhead Systems

Permanent Anchor Track™ Systems can be mounted to ceilings, wall columns, or foundations to provide permanent overhead fall arrest solutions.

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Mobile Overhead Systems

By using forklifts, heavy-duty pickup trucks, or workers, you can move our mobile systems to any location that needs fall protection.

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Anchor Track™ & Components

Rigid Lifelines® is proud to offer a wide variety of Anchor Track solutions. We produce several different sizes and types of track to accommodate almost any application.

Learn more about our Anchor Trolley™ and how it allows workers to self-rescue after a fall event.

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