Top Safety Tips For Working At Height

If you have a project coming up or work in a profession that takes you to great physical heights, for example as a window washer, roofer, or tree care professional, you probably know a lot about how to keep yourself safe so high up. However it is always good to review safety protocols so that you are up-to-date on the best way to protect yourself. Even if you do not work on top of a skyscraper, injuries and even death can occur at falls from just eight feet and more. Brush up on these basic safety tips for working at height to make sure your job stays safe.

Always Use a Buddy System And A Plan

Never work alone up high. Even if you could actually get the resources you need to get up there on your own, do not even think about working at height without a partner. At the very least you need a spotter from below to hold your ladder, watch you at work in a tree, or look out for hazards in some other way. If by some unfortunate circumstance you do have an accident, you absolutely need someone there to call 911. Plan this with your partner before you start your work and make sure you agree on a plan of safety and what to do in case of emergency. Also plan the actual project itself. Write out what you will be doing while you work up there, make a list of the things you will need so you do not have to keep going up and down. This will lessen your fall risk and make for an easier execution of your project.

Use Practical Clothing And Equipment

Obviously the clothing and gear needed for your mission will vary depending on what you are doing. In any scenario you need to set up your area with safety signs. You may need a safety harness, hardhat, goggles or a vest to protect yourself when working at height. Wear non-slip shoes that protect your feet from injury. Make sure you are working in proper lighting so that you can do your job well. Remember that even though all this equipment might seem costly, it is absolutely necessary to be safe and not lose a life or be injured.

Prepare Your Body And Mind

Make sure to calm your fears before you make your ascent so that you have a solid footing and clear focus. Being afraid of heights will only contribute to your risk up there. Make sure not only your mind, but your body is equipped to go up high. You need to be in good physical shape and have strength to climb your heights and to balance up there. Balance takes a lot of strength even if it does not look like it. Get a good night's rest and make sure you have eaten well before your project because it will increase your alertness while working at height and prevent mistakes. Ensure that you are hydrated to prevent dizziness and promote mental clarity. This goes unsaid but any illegal drug or alcohol consumption should be absolutely prohibited before and during your project.

These tips will help you remember the absolute essential rules for working at height. Make sure everyone has undergone safety training through videos, classes or other media for executing tasks up high. Examine your safety equipment on a scheduled periodical basis to make sure it is up-to-date and functioning at its best. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Go the extra mile with caution and follow these guidelines for the safest experience in the sky.

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