Intermediate Bumper Installation

Whether you have a new or existing Rigid Lifelines Anchor Track System, keeping your workers away from dangerous machinery or situations is easy with our intermediate bumper. The intermediate bumper is available for 500, 600, 700, and 900 series track and installs in minutes. Follow the steps below to install your intermediate bumper:

NOTE: Follow the approval drawing, if provided, to prevent overloading of the track and system.

1. Using a man or scissor lift, remove an end stop from the end of the track if end stop is present.

2. Slide the top plate and attached components into the track and to the desired location in the track. Ensure that the rubber bumper is facing the trolley.

3. Insert two bolts through two split lock washers.

4. Align the holes in the bottom plate with the holes in the top plate. Ensure that the bottom plate is underneath the track.

5. Securely tighten the bolts and attached split lock washers through the aligned holes in the bottom plate and top plate so that the bolt heads are underneath the bottom plate. Ensure that the split lock washers are between the bolt head and the bottom of the bottom plate.

6. Using a torque wrench, torque 3/8-inch diameter bolts to 33 foot-pounds. Torque 1/2-inch diameter bolts to 78 foot-pounds. Track series determines the bolt diameter.

7. Reinsert the end stop that was removed in "Step 1."

Contact Rigid Lifelines to learn more about intermediate bumpers and whether or not they are perfect for your specific application.


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