Developments in Aviation Fall Protection

This includes everything from commercial airlines, airports, and hangars to manufacturers, and maintenance/ service facilities. Additionally, developments in fall protection equipment and technology are helping to reduce the number of injuries from a fall.

Overhead fall protection is one such development that we have seen over the years, and many systems are specifically designed for the aviation industry. At most hangar facilities, floor space is very limited. Companies are beginning to minimize equipment in their workspace for safety and efficiency purposes. That’s where overhead protection comes into the equation.

Many aviation organizations are switching from freestanding systems that take up valuable floor space to overhead fall protection systems. Overhead fall protection systems are supported by the roof structure, which means they don’t interfere with other equipment or work areas.

In addition to overhead fall protection, there are many portable systems which can provide a quick and effective way to cover workers on a localized working surface. These systems can be moved from location to location and used for indoor or outdoor applications.

New fall protection designs have also become more comfortable to use in aviation maintenance. That’s why more and more companies are integrating them into their work environment. Comfortable fall protection designs like harnesses, which have become much lighter over the years and designed for different sizes and work environments, are non-intrusive and extremely convenient.

Advances in fall protection are making great strides, which is important for the health and well-being of aviation workers. Today’s fall protection is designed for simple use that doesn’t weigh workers down or prevent them from moving around to do their job safely and effectively.

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