ANSI World Standards Week

The American National Standards Institute’s annual World Standards Week will be held October 15-19, 2018 in Washington, DC. World Standards Week is an event that brings together leaders in the standards development community from around the world. Industry leaders, technical experts, government agencies, consumer advocates, and standards developing organizations come together to promote global standardization and international cooperation.

The U.S. celebration of World Standards Day, which highlights the important role of voluntary standards in the world economy, will take place on October 18. Since its initial launch in 1970, World Standards Day has been an open platform to discuss new developments and challenges that arise around the world. By working together, standard-setting organizations help protect public health and provide consistent requirements for accepting products in global markets.

Global trade is an ever-growing part of the world economy, and most of the goods on the global market are affected by voluntary standards or regulations based on standards. Voluntary standards make it easy to evaluate a product’s impact on public health and safety, and to make sure products are safe for public consumption. Some of the best solutions are developed when all interested parties come together and share insights, ANSI provides a platform to collaborate and address common issues across different markets.

ANSI connects standards developers and government agencies and encourages everyone to take part in the discussion of standards, and that collaboration is key to eliminating global trade barriers. Through voluntary consensus standards, organizations can help government agencies around the world adopt widely-recognized requirements. Uniform requirements across national borders help facilitate global trade by holding everyone everywhere to the same standards.

World Safety Week will feature keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, and forums emphasizing the importance of standardizations and conformance in business and industry to fuel innovation and economic growth. These events also encourage public participation and transparency, and the open exchange of ideas and information helps provide everyone with access to important standard and safety information.

The theme of this year’s World Safety Week is “Innovation Nation,” which focuses on the ways modern innovations are changing the way we work and live every day. Technologies, such as e-commerce, self-driving vehicles, virtual reality, and so much more, are rapidly changing the way we interact with the world around us.

 Voluntary standards allow innovators to build on and advance this technology with safety, efficiency, and reliability. By organizing and hosting World Standards Week, ANSI helps create a platform to promote advances in technology, innovation, safety, and cooperation worldwide.

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