Advantages of Portable Base Swing Arms

One of the fundamentals in fall protection is keeping the worker safe and mobile while they are performing their normal job duties. This goal sounds simple, right? However, fall protection has many variables and can be much more complicated than anticipated. The fall protection provider’s job is to make it as simple as possible and continue to provide high-value service and products to customers.

The Freestanding Swing Arm is a great option because it provides a cost-effective fall arrest solution, especially when utilizing the portable base option. The Freestanding Swing Arm paired with the portable base makes fall protection much easier because the portable base addresses mobility while allowing the user to travel 360 degrees with an anchor point. Similar systems only allow one fixed anchor point that limits the range of motion for the user and increases the risk of swing fall if the system is used incorrectly. The Portable Base Swing Arm removes most, if not all, of the time and effort required to integrate a fall protection system into existing structures. This Pre-Engineered solution means no structure validation or PE sign off on reviewing sub structures. However, it’s recommended to verify that the surface below where the system will be used can support the weight and load of the unit. Basically, you have three main components: the track arm weldment (boom), mast, and portable foundation, which may come in stackable bases.

Some companies are uncomfortable with purchasing fall protection systems that require a qualified person to review the through-structure connections, which makes the Portable Base Swing Arm a great option because it doesn’t have any through-structure connections. Plant managers embrace the Portable Base Swing Arm because they can move it to different locations rather than permanently tying up valuable production floor space. If they need it somewhere else in the plant, they pick it up and move it. This product is ideal for long term construction projects because it provides the protection for working on equipment and unloading trucks out in the open with no overhead structures. Other popular applications include railcar loading and unloading and aircraft maintenance.

Compared to similar products, the Portable Base Swing Arm keeps shipping costs at a minimum because Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Systems are made in the USA and can ship from the East Coast and West Coast.  Also, the majority of similar products don’t provide as much fall protection coverage, both trolley-hook height and arm reach, as the Portable Base Swing Arm. Plus, similar products can typically only provide fall protection coverage for one worker, but the Portable Base Swing Arm provides fall protection for two people at the same time with the ability to pass one another. Similar products on the market also require parts to be replaced after a fall occurs, which will cost you money and downtime as you wait and pay for the system to be recertified. Rigid Lifelines systems can be used after a fall event after the system is inspected by an OSHA defined competent person.

If you need a mobile system, then the Portable Base Swing Arm might be the right fall protection system for your application. Check with a local qualified dealer to decide which fall protection system is ideal for your facility. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.


About the Author

Tim Bambrick holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Thaddeus Stevens College and has spent 15 years in the material handling, fall protection, and safety industries. Tim has extensive industry experience ranging from working as an Engineer to working in a product development role for multiple companies. Tim is currently the Regional Sales Manager for the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern Canada territory for both Spanco and Rigid Lifelines.

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