2014 Fall Protection Essay Winner: Matthew Strachan

The winner of the 2014 Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Scholarship is Matthew Strachan of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His essay discussed the importance of using fall protection equipment while doing rooftop construction work. This topic was of particular importance to Matthew because his grandfather operates his own construction company and frequently works at height during roofing tasks. Matthew’s grandfather also experienced a fall from a ladder several years ago. Thankfully, Matthew’s grandfather was not injured from his fall, but the experience made him much more serious about using fall protection while at height. One of the first times that Matthew was helping his grandfather and uncle with roof work, Matthew had been instructed about how to use fall protection equipment in an appropriate manner. And after working at height with his family, he now fully understands why fall protection devices are so important.

Matthew will be graduating from Paul W. Bryant High School in May of 2014, and then he will be attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Since he enjoys studying mathematics and science, Matthew is planning on majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He has a specific interest in the creation of prosthetic limbs and other mechanical medical devices. He finds the engineering behind these devices fascinating, and he is excited to learn more about how to create them.

Outside of his scholastic achievements, Matthew has many different extra-curricular activities that he enjoys. Matthew has been participating with the Boy Scouts of America for many years and he recently earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Matthew worked with a children’s hospital for his Eagle Scout community project. Matthew collected items like toys and toiletries that were needed for patients and their families. He’s happy that the kids at the hospital now have books and toys to play with while they are in the process of healing. When he isn’t serving the community, Matthew enjoys reading fiction books, watching television, and hanging out with his friends. One of his favorite television shows is the Walking Dead, but he also enjoys watching baseball games and educational shows on the Discovery and History channel.

Matthew has been very successful during his time in high school. And thanks to the Advanced Placement exams and courses that he took this year, Matthew has already taken the equivalent course load of his freshman year. So he is feeling very prepared for his freshman year of college. Matthew is very thankful that his parents have always pushed him to do his best. He appreciates the fact that his brother and sisters have put up with him and supported him.  And he would especially like to thank his girlfriend Kindra for being an exceptionally encouraging and supportive person in his life.

Rigid Lifelines would like to thank Matthew for his participation in the 2014 Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Essay Scholarship. Rigid Lifelines would like to congratulate Matthew for his scholastic and social achievements. Rigid Lifelines wishes Matthew the best of luck as he prepares for college and the next round of life adventures.

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