Welcome Our Newest Technical Sales Specialist: Janice Keenan

Rigid Lifelines’ staff is excited to welcome Janice Keenan to our team. Janice has 25 years of experience in sales and has experience working with engineers and distributors. Janice joined Rigid Lifelines® in March 2015 after deciding to find a company that sold not only quality products, but also one that she fit into. She also loved how clean and well organized the warehouse was.

Janice’s job responsibilities include helping customers with product quotes, answering any questions that customers have, and becoming an expert on every product we sell. Her professional goals are to “learn the products quickly and increase sales. I want to build relationships with existing customers and get new customers.”

When asked what she likes most about this job, Janice said, “I like selling product and that it’s quality and well made. . . . I like helping with customers. But what I like most is working together with everyone here–the teamwork [atmosphere].”

When not at work, Janice enjoys gardening. She said that she loves to be outside working in her yard. She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs and traveling to watch her daughter play softball.  Whether at work or at home, Janice is always looking for opportunities to help others. Remember that Janice is here ensuring the greatest experience for her customers. Everyone here at Rigid Lifelines® is very excited to have Janice on our team.

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