Rigid Lifelines 2012 Scholarship Winner Kara Chinn

The team at Rigid Lifelines would like to congratulate Kara Chinn of Westfield, Indiana, as the recipient of the 2012 Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Scholarship.

The $1,000 scholarship is part of the Rigid Lifelines effort to educate new generations on the importance of safety through proper fall protection. Kara’s essay highlighting the importance of educating and training workers of the dangers of falls in the workplace made her an excellent candidate for the scholarship. Kara also impressed us by bringing a real example of how she could educate her high school’s theatre department on the importance of fall protection when constructing sets. Some of the sets she helped build involved elevated structures like balconies and staircases. Knowing the fall hazards they present, Kara was motivated to write an essay for this scholarship:

Kara Chinn

Rigid Lifelines 2012 scholarship winner Kara Chinn

“After learning about fall risks at many different levels and realizing it can happen in even the simplest circumstances such as a high school theatre production, I now take what I do more seriously. I want to start taking responsibility for not only my own safety, but for educating fellow tech crew and actors. Their role is ensuring that every play we put on is done with personal safety in mind. I realize that injuries occur because of not knowing the risks that come with falls from high places, and that it can affect most of us in one way or another.”

As well as being a part of her high school’s tech crew, Kara enjoys playing the clarinet, history, and 4-H. Kara will be graduating from Westfield High School this June, and going on to major in Art History at Hanover College in Indiana. She hopes to become a museum curator, or work for a historical site after graduating.

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