Newly Re-designed Swing Arm Improves Versatility, Safety, and Productivity

Rigid Lifelines® Swing Arm Anchor Track systems have always provided a unique and versatile fall protection solution for narrow spaces or work areas that require 360-degree coverage. The system minimizes swing fall hazards by keeping the anchorage point directly overhead at all times, making it a safe and durable option for multiple applications and industries.

In the past, our swing arm systems were designed to be wall/ column-mounted or floor-mounted in a freestanding configuration. While these mounting options are still available for the swing arm, we have made some improvements to its design and added another mounting option that provides additional flexibility and functionality.

Engineers at Rigid Lifelines worked with technical sales support specialists to come up with a new design that would decrease the overall weight of the system, lowering the price and increasing its ease of movement. The new design not only features new mounting configurations, but it also boasts light-weight, durable trussed track on the arm, rather than the typical I-beam used on many other fall protection systems.

The new swing arm design provides some of the longest and tallest spans in the fall protection industry. In fact, the system can reach spans up to 30 feet, with a 30-foot maximum trolley-hook height and arm reach. This type of versatility in span and size makes it even easier to customize the swing arm for your unique application and facility.

The new freestanding swing arm design is available as a permanent solution (mounted to the floor in a freestanding configuration) or with a portable base (no permanent foundation or ground penetration necessary). The portable base swing arm is perfect for crowded areas because it requires very little operating space and can be moved out of the way using a forklift. It’s also a great option for applications requiring indoor and outdoor use, or for facilities that need a mobile system.

The versatility and portability of the new portable base swing arm have made it extremely popular with industries like tank and armored vehicle maintenance and manufacturing, transportation equipment maintenance and manufacturing, and air transportation. As time goes by, employers are finding more and more uses for a portable system like the freestanding swing arm, due to its overall flexibility, unencumbered movement, 360-degree coverage, exceptional arm reach (span) and trolley-hook height, and minimal swing-fall hazard.

Click here for more information about our swing arm fall protection systems and our Portable Base Swing Arm Anchor™ Track system.

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