Minimize Swing Fall, Reduce Drifting, and Provide 360-Degree User Movement with a Traveling Bridge System

A corporate aircraft hangar for a large international company needed a fall protection solution for at-height workers who perform clean-up and aircraft maintenance. The wings and fuselage introduced curved surfaces, and areas like the stabilizer didn’t leave much room for a misstep or miscalculation. Not only did the situation require compliance with OSHA law, but the workers were operating under conditions that could easily result in serious injury or death in a fall event.

The hangar manager knew he needed something versatile that could accommodate his frequently changing aircraft needs. He reached out to a Rigid Lifelines’ dealer who reviewed his application on site and recommended a Traveling Bridge Anchor Track™ System. The traveling bridge design provides 100-percent fall protection coverage because the bridge can be rolled overhead in any part of the hangar. The user’s attachment is always centered over his or her head, minimizing swing fall hazards.

The Rigid Lifelines Traveling Bridge system was installed to protect hangar workers tasked with cleaning and performing weekly maintenance atop corporate aircrafts. Their new Rigid Lifelines’ system was customized with four 150-foot enclosed track steel runways and two 30-foot aluminum bridges. It also includes one custom runway with three bridges to accommodate air filter cones hanging overhead.

Now, aircraft workers are protected with a system that provides the shortest fall distance on the market. It has also greatly improved productivity because the system allows one work crew to perform maintenance in one part of the hangar, while another crew performs clean-up in the other.

According to the hangar manager, “At the end of the day you completely forget that you’re attached to the system. It adds a level of safety in an environment that can be extremely unstable without a system like this one. Our workers like its usability, and we can rest easy knowing they will make it home safe every night.”



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