Meet Our Shop Supervisor: Ryan Hafer

Ryan joined the Rigid Lifelines team in July 2014 after working in shipping and receiving for our sister company Lug-All for almost seven years. He decided to join Rigid Lifelines because he wanted a new challenge outside of the different shipping scenarios he tackled with Lug-All. As the shop supervisor for Rigid Lifelines, Ryan works with all different types of freight to ensure that products arrive on time and that the products look presentable and visually appealing. When asked how Ryan would describe his job, he was very quick to reply, “I save the company boatloads of money by finding the fastest way to ship possible at the best price...I try to reach out and do as much as I can to save money.”

Since there is so much diversity in the different types of products that need to be shipped, Ryan enjoys thinking about the different ways that he can ship products while trying to save the company money. He also gets a lot of satisfaction in knowing that he is helping people get the equipment they need to stay safe and remain OSHA compliant in the workplace.

“I’m always thinking about our customers,” Ryan said. “There are plenty of people out there who do shipping for [entertainment purposes], but those things usually don’t impact someone’s life. Our products keep people safe in the workplace and I take my job of getting people their equipment very seriously.”

When Ryan isn’t stocking and shipping fall protection equipment, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son. Ryan also has several animals in the Hafer-clan. Their cat, dog, and beta fish have been three cheerful additions to the family for many years. Every chance they get, Ryan and his family travel to Maine to visit friends and family from college. During any trip to Maine, Ryan has an opportunity to see what improvements have been made on campus while catching up with fellow alumni. Ryan’s other interests include outdoor hobbies like fishing, hunting, hiking, and playing sports with his son. One of the other great things about traveling to Maine is that he gets to enjoy his favorite seafood: fresh lobster. 

Whether Ryan is packaging fall protection equipment or spending time with his family, he is always dedicated to ensuring the happiness of people. Ryan loves saving customers and the company money by finding the fastest and cheapest means of sending their fall protection equipment. The next time you order something from Rigid Lifelines, remember that Ryan will be there to ensure you have a high-quality experience.

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