Looking Back on 2014 with Rigid Lifelines

2014 was an exciting year here at Rigid Lifelines® as we continued to grow and expand our line of fall protection products and services. We moved into a new facility here in Morgantown with an office and an expanded storage area for our brand new soft goods inventory. We also launched our “Where to Buy” program to make it easier for people who need fall protection to get in touch with Qualified Dealers. In addition to those changes, we are continuing to expand and enhance all of the resources that can be used during the process of applying fall protection in a facility. Each expansion this past year was done in an effort to make the process of buying fall protection easier and more enjoyable.

When we moved the Rigid Lifelines headquarters into a new facility, a world of possibilities became available. Our expanded office and storage space provided us with the room that we needed to better serve our distribution base more effectively. Thanks to the increased space, we can inventory our complete product line of soft goods, hardware, and other fall protection accessories under one roof. This inventory space allows us to fulfill orders even faster and more efficiently than we did in the past. 

Introducing our new line of soft goods was a major development in moving Rigid Lifelines closer to becoming a one-stop shopping point for all things fall protection. Prior to 2014, Rigid Lifelines was primarily known for its signature line of engineered track systems for people who work at elevation. Rigid Lifelines now offers full body harnesses, self-retracting lanyards, shock absorbing lanyards, roofer kits, anchorages, and many other fall protection accessories. We pride ourselves in offering a full line of high quality soft goods without the high prices.

Thanks to the variety of products on the shelves of our new facility, we were prepared to launch the “Where to Buy” program. This interactive, online tool allows anyone visiting our site to find a qualified dealer quickly.  Simply enter the city and state of the facility that needs fall protection to find a Rigid Lifelines dealer that is the closest to your location. Each dealer listed in our “Where to Buy” program has their address, phone number, and what types of products they carry. Each dealer can be filtered depending upon whether they carry soft goods, track fall protection systems, rooftop systems, or any combination of those products. Directions from the provided search location to the dealer are also available.

Throughout 2014, we placed the stepping stones that allow us to create various sources of information for everyone involved with Rigid Lifelines. As we look toward 2015, we will continue to enhance the services and information that we offer for anyone who needs fall protection solutions. Each new feature that we add in 2015 will make the process of finding a fall protection system even easier and faster.


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