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Xs slider

XS Slider Trolley

Constant Cable Attachment For Continuous Fall Protection

The XS Slider Trolley (aka glider, traveler or shuttle) continuously connects your deceleration device (SRL or SAL fall arrestor) to the XS Linked horizontal lifeline cable, which is permanently anchored to your roof.

The XS Slider allows you to effortlessly move along the horizontal wire rope lifeline and through all anchorage points — including curves, corners, and ridge tops — without ever needing to disconnect from the stainless steel XS Cable.

The XS Slider’s locking design is easy to use: Just slide the buckle to open up the slider, attach the slider to the horizontal lifeline, and then release the buckle to securely connect to the fall arrest cable.

Inadvertent disconnections from the horizontal lifeline are virtually impossible — but you can deliberatively disconnect or reconnect at any location along the cable.

In addition to smooth traversing, the XS Slider freely permits you to work on both sides of the stainless steel lifeline.

The XS Slider is from durable AISI 304 stainless steel; 316 stainless steel construction is also available.

To get a hands-on demonstration of the XS Slider trolley on an XS Linked Cable System, call your local Rigid Lifelines distributor.

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