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XS Rooftop System Advantages

10 Reasons To Select XSPlatforms Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Rooftop Systems

  1. Roof Anchors Install Up to 4x Faster
    XS roof anchors use a separate base plate that you fasten directly to your rooftop. In most cases, you just need one toggle fastener per roof anchor, compared to competitors’ 4 or more fasteners per anchorage.
  2. Up to 50’ Between Roof Anchors
    The XS Impact energy-absorbing posts allow greater distances between two roof anchors: up to 50’ (15m), depending on rooftop configuration. Fewer roof anchors means faster installation, inspections, and maintenance.
  3. Up to 86% Fewer Roof Penetrations
    When you combine fewer required fasteners per anchorage and longer distances between anchor points, the number of roof penetrations drops dramatically.
  4. Everything Mounts From On Top of The Roof
    XS roof anchorages mount completely on top of insulation and waterproofing layers (e.g., membranes) to minimize disturbance to your rooftop. Unlike competing technologies, XS roof anchors eliminate the need to “open up” your roof to find and fasten to structural members.
  5. Integrated Energy Absorber For Maximum Roof Protection
    The XS Impact roof anchors contain an intelligent reaction mechanism that bends in the direction of the fall to absorb the shock. The bending energy absorber (aka shock absorber) ensures that even extremely light and fragile roof constructions (such as ½” plywood) sustain only slight or no damage in the event of a fall.
  6. Fast, Modular Repairs
    After a fall, a roof anchor is easily repaired. Thanks to the separate base plates (which are usually not damaged by a fall and therefore do not need to be replaced), this is a simple, relatively inexpensive step that requires no new penetrations to the roof. Typically, the topping component is removed, the bending kit post is replaced, and the topping component is reinstalled. On XS Linked Cable (wire rope) Systems, there is no need to cut or remove the cable.
  7. Universal Anchors For Any Roofs
    Suitable for most industrial and commercial roof constructions, including concrete, hollow core concrete, metal sheathing, standing seam, secret fix, built-up on site, and plywood sheathing. Materials used are compatible with any sealing material — plastic or bitumen.
  8. Easy To Inspect
    All XS fall arrest anchors can be inspected at any time, both visually as well as through a pull-test — without activating the anchoring point. And the strength of the attachment to a concrete roof can be easily verified without disassembling the anchorage.
  9. Your Choice Of Deceleration Devices
    The XS Impact post height allows for the use of an SRL (Self-Retracting Lanyard) or SAL (Shock-Absorbing Lanyard), while lifting the connection point above any layers of roofing aggregate (rocks).
  10. Freedom of Movement
    Whether you’re using a stand-alone roof anchor or a XS Linked continuous fall protection set-up, these fall arrest systems allow unprecedented freedom of movement so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

To learn more, visit our Rooftop Fall Protection Systems.

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