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XS Impact 360° Single Anchor

XS Impact 360° Single Anchor

Fall Arrest Anchor with Energy-Absorbing Bending Post

The XS Impact 360° roof anchor features an shock-absorbing post that bends in the direction of the fall to protect your roof.

The height of the energy-absorbing posts allows greater distances between two roof anchorages: up to 50’ (15m), depending on your rooftop configuration.

Fewer anchoring points means faster installation, inspections, and maintenance.

Plus, the anchor’s post height allows for the use of an SRL for more convenient user movement and lanyard control. And the bending post also lifts the lanyard above any layers of roofing aggregate (rocks).

Maximum Damage Protection For Frail Roofs

The bending post fall arrestor also ensures that even extremely light and fragile roof constructions sustain only slight or no damage in the event of a fall.

After a fall, an XS Impact roof anchor is easily repaired. Thanks to the anchor’s separate base plate (which is usually not damaged by a fall and therefore does not need to be replaced), this is a simple, relatively inexpensive step that requires no new penetrations to the roof. Typically, the topping component is removed, the bending kit post is replaced, and the topping component is reinstalled.

Simple To Use

One XS Impact 360° roof anchor can be used by itself or, more commonly, multiple anchorages are installed in a point-to-point system, allowing you to attach to different points as you move across the roof.

To use, you simply attach the end of your fall arresting deceleration device to the XS Safety Eye 360°, which is installed on top of the bending post. The eye rotates 360°, giving you complete freedom of movement around the roof anchor.

The XS Impact 360° is also used on corners of a roof in an XS Linked Cable System to prevent the swing effect in case of a fall. To use, simply loop a carabiner around your lanyard and through the roof anchor’s eye.

For a complete rooftop fall arrest safety system using the energy-absorbing XS Impact 360° roof anchor, contact your local Rigid Lifelines® distributor.

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